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A free site survey of your sites drainage layout and boundaries and any possible shared areas will become the major part of assessing the validity of your surface water charges. This is a free service, please take advantage of it. We charge against results, so the costs of the investigation if the charges are correct are all ours.

Having secured over £10,000,000 worth of refunds to date we have the utmost confidence in offering this service. We are the experts and would relish the challenge to investigate your charges on your behalf. We could possibly find savings where many would probably be overlooked.

Surface Water charges are huge in some regions often being the largest % water related cost. Our investigation involves:

  • Initial research and compare against our database for previous success.
  • Check the records for nearby water company storm and foul sewers.
  • Visit site for a full survey to map the drainage layout.
  • Prepare a CAD drawing and documantation.
  • Submit an application to the water company and pursue through to refund for the client.

This process confirms if your site is connected to the water company sewers. Only a thorough investigation from an experienced surveyor will get the required result. Our full drainage survey is included free of charge. The aim of the survey is to work out how much, if any, of the sites drainage is connected to the water company sewers. Negotiations with the water company can then begin to cancel or reduce your charges. Where the charge is area based we have ways and means of reducing these areas to gain a saving. Firstly we look to cancel the charge then we will do all we can to reduce them. We then submit applications to the water companies and do all we can to maximise refunds. Please be assured that we have successfully found and increased refunds by careful negotiations with our contacts within each water company.

Of particular interest are sites in the following water company regions:

  • Severn Trent Water / South Staffs Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Yorkshire Water
  • United Utilities
  • Business Stream and all Scottish License Providers
  • Welsh Water
  • South West Water
  • + others

Each water company has its own charging structure, often it’s the largest part of the bill and is worthy of a thorough investigation. We cover the country researching and proving these savings with a complete understanding of how to achieve the maximum on-going savings and refunds.

Could we plan some engineering works to divert the storm water from your site to a natural watercourse via an interceptor, we could complete a feasibility study for you to see the potential savings and pay back? With surface water drainage charges being so high this is often a better option than you may first think.

This is the biggest money printing exercise of all water charges. The worst case scenario for our clients is that the water company adopts the developers installed storm sewers. Often we see the last section adopted before a water course and this then becomes a money printing machine as they have a catchment area to produce income from. Many water companies have this a separate charge and we can challenge this.

Often sites will have a single storm gulley going to foul that triggers a huge charge, could we complete a feasibility study to divert this and complete the works and invite the water company to reinspect the site resulting in the cancellation of future charges.

Please gain contact and a quick call maybe the best way to get the project started.

Richard Butler

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

07984 687562

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