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3 different aspects of what we do in 3 days!

DAY 1: - We were in Bolton for surface water savings with a Bakery next to a river. The CAD drawing is prepared for the application to reduce the banding charge. Negotiations are ahead to maximise the refund for our customer.

DAY 2: - Yesterday we were in Bradford and found a leak on a fire main at a warehouse, the leak repair team are going in today to fix and keep the sprinkler system charged. The leak was found by isolating sections of valves then correlating the leaking section to find the high frequency leak noise. Our sensitive ground mics then found the leak noise on the spot where the correlator had identified.

DAY 3: - Today I am heading to Twickenham to look at a site where consumption has gone from 1m3 to 7.5m3 per day. Is this a leak or internal inefficiencies? Soon find out!

We concentrate on the site visit side of water auditing looking for opportunities in savings with specialities in reducing consumption, stopping external leaks and reducing surface water drainage charges.

Have you got any high consuming sites we could look at?

Do you want your surface water charges investigated?

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